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Located in Germany’s bustling capital Berlin we have established our own coffee brewery.

This is where we work to redefine the coffee experience for the 21st century.


Using innovative brewing methods we unlock coffee’s full potential: 

- Pure and honest taste

- No added sugar or additives

- Organic certified ingredients

For our ready-to-drink cold brew coffee we use only filtered water and organic certified coffee beans.

A careful light roast gives our coffee its wonderful aroma: a hint of fruit, a full load of chocolate!

Team Good Spirits Florian Häupl

Florian Häupl

Florian prepares the way 

for Good Spirits. 

Thanks to his background in trend research and business consulting, 

he is always at least three steps ahead and comes up with one new

idea after the other.

His love for speciality coffee

grew through his visits and support

at the German barista championships.

Since then, he has been working day and night on how to dust off and innovate the coffee industry.

Team Good Spirits Mascha Häupl

Masha Häupl

Mascha has the overview

about Good Spirits.

She knows exactly what our

gastronomy customers need,

thanks to her many years of work with

our friends at Goodies Deli.

There she helped to set up the superfood stores as an area manager.

She delved deeper into the world of coffee

 as Office Admin. at Café Imports Europe, which took her to an exciting

coffee origin trip to Peru.

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