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An overview of our products

Message in a bottle

Our cold brew coffee in the bottle represents a whole new generation

of “ready-to-drink” coffee beverages.

For the first time the focus is really on coffee. 

Pure joy without any sugar or additives.

The convenient 200 ml glass bottle

with a screw cap is your perfect companion on the go.


Pure Black Ethiopia

Pure Black Colombia

Wake up, stand up

Our cold brew coffee in the

innovative 3 liter Stand-Up Pouch 

is the perfect solution for your coffee shop, bar or office.

Immediately ready to serve.


The special tap prevents oxygen from getting in contact with the coffee.

That keeps it  fresh even after opening for up to three months.



Pure Black Ethiopia

Pure Black Colombia



Get ready for a new coffee experience

Good Spirits Nitro Coffee
Nitro Coffee
Good Spirits Cold Brew Coffee Bag-in-Box Nitro

Boost your 

coffee experience

Connected to a nitro tap system our cold brew coffee turns in a delicious nitro coffee with a velvety, creamy texture and a nice head of foam in the glass.

Enjoy it pure or mixed in a coffee cocktail.

Our special 10 liter bag-in-box "Easy Plug&Pour" can be easily connected to a suitable nitro tap system.

Still looking for a suitable system?​

Get in touch with us

Good to know:

💡 Uncooled storage 

💡 Shelf life of at least 12 months unopened

💡 Ready-to-drink/ready-to-serve (no concentrate)

Follow the link to our online shop 

Ihr habt Interesse an unserem Cold Brew für euer Café oder euere Bar? Dann kuckt mal hier:

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